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Prosciutto Wrapped Breadsticks – A 5 Minute Appetizer!

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Prosciutto Wrapped Breadsticks are the ultimate party appetizer! They are unbelievably easy to make, there are just 2 ingredients and everyone will rave over this simple, delicious recipe!

Prosciutto Wrapped Breadsticks are a delicious, unbelievably easy appetizer with only 2 ingredients!

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Easy party app, wine tasting munchie, the perfect addition to a cheese tray, last minute guest pleaser … whatever you call them, you have got to put these on your next party menu!

Prosciutto Wrapped Breadsticks

Prosciutto Wrapped Breadsticks - paper thin Italian ham wrapped around thin crispy breadsticks. These 2-ingredient appetizers are SO easy!

Guys, I’ve discovered as I get older, my tolerance for fussy recipes is waning.

I need quick. Simple. Delicious.

Recipes with just a handful of ingredients seem to be more and more appealing. I mean …

Which makes these 2 ingredient, tasty little prosciutto wrapped breadsticks my new favorite appetizer!

Prosciutto Wrapped Breadsticks - a 2 ingredient appetizer that is sure to impress your guests!

If you have never tried prosciutto, it is a dry-cured ham from Italy. It has a rich, salty, savory flavor and it pairs perfectly with crispy, crunchy breadsticks in this recipe. (I mean meat + carbs = winning!) Have your deli slice it paper thin because a little goes a long way and it’s a tad pricey. The prosciutto in my deli was about $15 per pound. BUT, I could get 15 thin slices for about $5 which is enough for 30 breadsticks.

Prosciutto Wrapped Breadsticks -get paper thin prosciutto sliced right in your deli!

Speaking of breadsticks, I l-o-v-e these skinny minny, crispety crunchy Thin Breadsticks from Alessi. I think they provide the perfect prosciutto to bread stick ratio 🙂

Prosciutto Wrapped Breadsticks - I love these thin crispy breadsticks!

When you are ready to make these, simply cut each piece of prosciutto in half, gently break a breadstick in half and wrap the broken end of the breadstick in prosciutto. Leave a bit of the breadstick unwrapped so guests can pick them up.

Prosciutto Wrapped Breadsticks - paper thin Italian ham wrapped around thin crispy breadsticks. These 2-ingredient appetizers are SO easy!

Place them on a serving plate and call this appetizer done! I used a few sprigs of fresh rosemary for garnish and I think it looks so pretty!

Prosciutto Wrapped Breadsticks are an easy appetizer and a sure fire crowd pleaser!

Since you don’t want the breadsticks to get stale or too chewy, make these right before your guests are going to chow down. And trust me, they are going to chow down!

Prosciutto Wrapped Breadsticks - this 5 minute appetizer couldn't be easier or more delicious!

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Its easy! I will show you how.

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  1. These would be such easy football party food! Pinned it. This post will be a Feature pick at the new Merry Monday party. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. This is why I love Link Parties: I used to follow your blog eons ago and for some reason, lost touch.
    I saw this recipe and pinned it then I see your name!
    I love that.
    I also love a recipe that is only two ingredients and little work!

    Nice to see you again. 🙂

  3. I will add another idea: spread a bit of cream cheese on the bread stick before wrapping the prosciutto on! It adds a bit of moisture to what can otherwise be a little dry and also helps the prosciutto stick on. I live in Italy and we do this all the time. My 5-year-old boy goes nuts for it! 🙂 Lisa

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