Vampire Floats {Halloween Ice Cream Floats}

Vampire Floats - super easy spooky sippers!

So, it’s pretty much been a progressive Halloween party {in September, ha!} at our house for the last few weekends … first, we sampled Cyclops Cupcakes and then drank Spooky Sodas.  I decorated my hutch for Halloween, whipped up a wood shim witch hat and then this weekend, we sat and sipped these delightfully dreadful concoctions!

Vampire Floats

Vampire Floats - just two ingredients and loads of spook appeal!

Before I share the super simple two ingredient “recipe”, I have a cute story about these floats:  Kaleb’s friend was over at our house just in time for the photo shoot for these Vampire Floats to wrap up.  So, I off loaded these floats to the kids and headed to put away all my photo props.  But this particular friend was a little more cautious than most, eyeing the bright red drink and plastic glow in the dark vampire teeth, “Umm, what exactly IS this?”

Vampire Floats - just two ingredients and loads of spook appeal!

Have no fear friend, while these Vampire Floats may look like you are about to guzzle a glass of B+, they are really just a delicious combination of Hawaiian punch and vanilla ice cream.  Garnished with a striped paper straw and a set of glow in the dark vampire teeth for good measure. Naturally.

Vampire Floats - just two ingredients and loads of spook appeal!

So fun, right?!  Hawaiian punch is one of my favorite tastes of childhood.  When I was little, I felt so fancy when my mom would make me Hawaiian punch + Sprite.  You could definitely splash in some Sprite for a little fizz or add a shot of your favorite complimentary alcohol to make these for the adults … either way, they are sure to be a scream at your Halloween get together!

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  1. Oh yummmmmm, these sound luscious. Gimmee one right away. Anything I can put ice cream in has to be tasty. Bet the kids loved them like crazy. Did you run out of ice cream? Did you think of these or find idea for them somewhere? Cute with the vampire teeth hanging from straw. Give your self a gold star Keri. Happy week

  2. This looks yummy AND is such a fun idea for a Halloween treat. I may have to work it into my Halloween party this year. Thanks for sharing!! :)

  3. Spooky fun!!! I bet your boys love your projects!

  4. Hi, I’m glad I found you through Mandy’s Recipe Box! This is a great drink! How about adding it to the Food on Friday: Cocktails/Mocktails collection over at Carole’s Chatter? Cheers

  5. Found you on “Turn it up Tuesdays” – so cute!! I mean scary… ;)

  6. WINNER !!!!! Has to be with both parents and children. I’m getting the ice cream out as I type :-)


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