This is our life … shaken together!!  The good, the bad, the tasty, the crafty, the fun, the crazy, the kids and the cats!! Scroll down for a little more about life behind the blog!

The Girl Behind the Blog

Hi … I’m Keri!  I grew up as an only child in a small town and loved it.  I love the color red, lists, reality TV, sweet tea, singing at the top of my lungs, pretty paper, paint, sugar and my family.  By day, I work as an HR Manager, and by night, in between baseball games and school projects and in the wee hours of the morning, I am usually here. Welcome!

The Saint – Chris

The hubs.  The Mr.  My partner in crime.  My best friend and soul mate.  He puts up with my control freak tendencies and bossiness and ridiculously early alarm.  He likes all things spicy.  He underestimates himself.  He asks me to dance in our kitchen.  We met on a blind date on New Years Eve 1997, married in 2000, have two stinky, funny, unbelievably cool boys and I cannot imagine life without him. 

The Kids – Camden & Kaleb 

One Little and one Bigger.  One blond, one brunette.  One solid and stocky, one long and lean.  Both have Chris’ family’s dimpled chins.  Both are baseball nuts and still call me Momma.  Both are loved more than life itself.  Seriously, they are my favorite things on this planet.  Or any other planet for that matter. 

The Cats
Adding a little furry chaos and unconditional love to our nutty household:

  • Awesome (aka Bossy aka Boss) – the first furry family member.  Fish tank stalker, lap cat extraordinaire and quite possibly, the best cat ever.  Our lovey Boss was put down 8/9/12.  His story is here.  
  • Bitty – or the Kitten Ninja.  Destroyer of all paper products!  I frequently post her antics on Instagram.
  • Our new little love, Bella, came home with us on August 25th, 2013 … she is quirky and goofy and a big striped sweetheart!
  • Baxter (we call him Bax) was a rescue and Kaleb’s birthday present in September 2014. He only drinks water from the bathroom sink, steals the covers in bed and annoys the two ladies to no end.

The Mission
Life is short. Food is my favorite. And I love to get my craft on.  So, in true Shaken Together style, you will find easy recipes, simple crafts and a big ol’  helping of just plain fun!