20 Fun St Patrick’s Day Treats for Kids

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St. Patrick’s treats for kids are so fun to make and enjoy with your family! Serving green treats and St. Patrick’s day desserts always makes the day feel more festive, whether you’re having a party or just celebrating at home with family. Kids love a good themed dessert and there are tons of easy St. Patrick’s day treats to make for them!

I put together a list of 20 St. Patty’s day themed foods and these tasty treats range from indulgent to super healthy and you’re sure to find something you and your kids will love.

20 St. Patrick’s Day Treats for Kids

Rainbow Snack Mix for St. Patricks Day!

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1. Easy Rainbow Snack Mix

This mix is one of the easiest fun St. Patrick’s day treats you’ll find. The whole thing will take you less than five minutes and you can substitute ingredients if you have other things on hand or options you enjoy more. The most important part is to include a rainbow of colors to keep it festive.

Rainbow Fruit Cheesecakes in a Jar

2. Rainbow Fruit Cheesecakes in a Jar

These pretty little desserts are great treats for your older kids. It’s really basic ingredients and instructions are easy to throw together to create a fun snack.

3. St Patrick’s Day Pudding Parfait Cups With Lucky Charms from Crayons and Cravings

This easy dessert is festive and goes together in 20 minutes. Add this to your St. Patrick’s day celebration dessert line up of shamrock and rainbow recipes.

4. Chocolate Covered Leap-rechuans and Pots of Gold from The Monday Box

These green and gold cookies are a fun idea! The pots of gold look like something you would find at the end of the rainbow. These are a perfect addition to a kid’s St. Patrick’s day party at school or a great after school snack.

5. Rainbow Jello Frosted Grapes from Must Have Mom

Rainbow jello frosted grapes are a bit of a healthier choice. Fun recipes like this are a great way to sneak in something healthy into your kid’s elementary school party.

rainbow cupcake with sprinkles

6. Rainbow Cupcakes from The Happier Homemaker

This Saint Patrick’s Day treat is so fun! A little food coloring takes these cupcakes from boring to rainbow-rific!

Our sister site The Happier Homemaker has a complete step-by-step tutorial to help you make these beautiful cupcakes that will be a hit as any St. Patrick’s Day party!

7. St. Patty’s Day Muddie Buddies

This recipe can easily be made for any holiday just by choosing the right color m&m!

8. St. Patrick’s Day Sugar Cookies from 5 Minutes For Mom

Every kid loves the classic sugar cookie, especially if they get to decorate some themselves. You can’t have a holiday, or even a list of St. Patrick’s day recipes, without sugar cookies.

close up of pistachio fluff in glass dish topped with a cherry

9. Pistachio Fluff

This green fluffy treat is a retro recipe that is always a big hit. Pistachio pudding, mini marshmallows, and crushed pineapple are whipped up with Cool Whip to make this tasty treat.

10. St Patrick’s Day Mint Brookies from Two in the Kitchen

Have you ever heard of a brookie? It’s a delicious combination of a cookie and a brownie and these St. Patrick’s day themed brookies look so good! Mint oreos and green candy melts to create a swirly green and brown brookie. These will be a hit!

11. Green Juice Gummy Bears from Simply Tara Lynn

These adorable little green bears are super healthy and super fun! These are naturally sweetened with honey and spirulina and they are full of veggies that your kids will have no clue they’re eating. These gummies are festive, for sure, but make a great treat to give to your kids all the time!

These sugar cookie pinwheels are so cool! If your kids don’t like mint extract, just leave that out and go with green food coloring.

13. Mint Chocolate Chip Fudge from Baking Beauty

If you have 7 minutes and a really short list of ingredients, you can make this mint chocolate chip fudge. This is another one you can ditch the mint if you want to, but I’m sure it makes a great addition if you like that flavor. All the chocolate chips will give this fudge plenty of flavor on their own. (You can also try our 3 ingredient microwave fudge with green sprinkles!)

14. Avocado Ranch Dip from Two Healthy Kitchens

Looking for a good party dip for St. Patrick’s Day? This is it! It’s naturally green from the avocado so you don’t have to use food coloring. This dip would go great with veggies or chips!

15. Rainbow White Hot Chocolate Bombs from Easy Budget Recipes

What kid doesn’t love a hot chocolate bomb? Actually, what adult doesn’t? These white chocolate bombs look like so much fun and this festive dessert would be great for an after dinner treat on St. Patty’s day!

16. Minty Molten Chocolate Lava Cake from She Saved

Lava cakes are so fun for kids and this easy recipe will make St. Paddy’s day a huge hit! Especially if your family loves andes mints!

17. Lucky Charms Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn from A Cultivated Nest

Is your kid one who likes to eat all the lucky charms marshmallows out of the cereal box? This treat will be a favorite! The combination of salty and sweet sounds so good!

18. St. Patrick’s Day Cinnamon Roll from Kids Activities Blog

This recipe comes together easy peasy! All you need is a can of cinnamon rolls and some green food coloring!

19. Marshmallow Pops from My Suburban Kitchen

These marshmallow pops are the perfect treat for your kid’s school party or a St. Patrick’s day craft you can do with your kids.

20. Surprise Inside Cupcakes from This Mama Loves

These look like normal cupcakes on the outside and the inside is sprinkled with fun green bits!

No matter what you choose from these easy St. Patrick’s Day snacks, your kids are sure to love the festive colors and fun ideas!




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