{taste this} cinnamon roll waffles

I didn’t really post about this (because we didn’t really do anything terribly exciting, ha ha), but The Saint and I celebrated our twelfth wedding anniversary on April 2nd … that is a DOZEN years of wedded bliss!! We have been together since we were 19 and 24 and I am so proud that we have toughed out the lows, celebrated the highs, currently working on the “in sickness & in health”, definitely waded through the “or poorer” part of our vows and have come through on the other side with two amazing boys – The Bugs – and a marriage that I wouldn’t trade for the world!

Can I tell you one of the reasons why I love The Saint so much? And how you know he’s married to a food/craft blogger even if he doesn’t totally “get” the whole blogging thing? He bought me a waffle maker and a rolling pin for our anniversary!! Now that is true l-o-v-e!! And if you know me, you can believe that I had new cupcake pans and a food processor on my Christmas list ;)

One of the first things I was dying to try in my waffle maker was cinnamon roll waffles!!  So … I did!  And so can you! 

What you need to {try this}:  refrigerated cinnamon rolls (with frosting), waffle maker, squeeze bottle.  The end.

Separate the cinnamon rolls and place them in your pre-heated waffle maker.  Waffle according to your maker’s instructions … mine literally took about 2 – 3 minutes.  Watch them closely so they don’t burn – they cook quick!  Why would I ever preheat my oven and bake them for 20 minutes again?!  This is GENIUS!! 

While your waffles are cooking, put the frosting in a squeeze bottle so you can drizzle to your heart’s delight … like this:

These are best served warm right after the above mentioned drizzling!  And I’m totally bummed that I thought of this idea after I made these waffles and they were scarfed down at The Bigger Bug’s 12th birthday breakfast … but how awesome would some breakfast sausage or bacon sandwiched between two of these babies be?!  You know what … I’ll try it and let you know ;)
Ya’ll, life is short.  Breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated.  Make cinnamon roll waffles!

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  1. This is genius. Must do immediately and probably often!!!

  2. No stinking way??? That is awesome! I need to make these stat. Oh wait…I don’t have a waffle maker. Oh well, I guess another thing you need to make me when I visit :).

  3. I just got a waffle iron for Easter (I made Monte Cristo Wafflewiches–YUM). I have been looking for other nontraditional ideas for it since then. These sound perfect. Will be making these this weekend. And my husband will L-O-V-E me for it! Thanks!

  4. Oooh, yes. A bacon sandwich. To. Die. For! Love these waffles!

  5. That is seriously genius! You need to send that to Pillsbury ASAP!

  6. I forgot to invite you to my foodie linky party Friday Food Fight! I hope to see you in the ring.


  7. oh my goodness those look too amazing for school….I would love love love them but I MUST not try them…or I’ll like them…and that will be BAD news!

  8. Oh man – my kiddos would love this! Who would have thought!?!

  9. You always post the most amazing food!! OMG I sit there and drool every Friday! Thanks for sharing @ Fantabulous Friday!!! Going to have to give these a try!

  10. I know what’s for breakfast this Sunday! Thank you!

  11. Those look SOO good. I love cinnamon rolls and I love waffles, I can only imagine how tasty they are combined.:)

  12. This sounds like 2134092538 different types of good, yum. My family will love this! Thanks for linking up to Delicately Constructed Friday!!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  13. LOVE this idea!!!

  14. Oh my! These look scrumptious. I love that your husband gets what gifts make you smile. I have one like that too. He even used a gift card he got for Christmas one year to buy me a Cuisinart hand blender…said he just didn’t see anything he needed but knew I’d like it. Aw. Here’s to great guys!

  15. LOVE this idea! LOVE your blog – new follower visiting from Whipper Berry


  16. Interesting idea, I am inviting you to come and be part of my blog hop:

  17. Dang, wish I owned a waffle press! Seen on niftythriftythings.

  18. I just baked some of these yesterday… and I have a waffle iron! hmmmm

    thanks for sharing!

  19. Oh my goodness! These look so good! Feel free to link up your recipe to my Melt in Your Mouth Monday Blog Hop!


  20. love it! going to have to try it! thanks for linking up to Make it monday! I have shared it on the Brassy Apple FB and twitter pages :)

  21. These sound so delicious! I am pinning :) I would really love to have you stop by and link up to my linky party if you have the chance! Thanks & have a wonderful day.

  22. I think this is the secret recipe to get teenagers out of bed! Looks so delicious! We hope to see you back next week to our “Strut Your Stuff Saturday.” Thanks for coming!! -The Sisters

  23. Hi Keri, I found you through The Winthrop Chronicles link party. Wow, does this look good. I will have to show my daughter who will undoubtedly try it out and share it with me. I like it when she does the work. If you have a sweet tooth, stop by my blog. I just posted a hot fudge recipe that’s super simple and has only three ingredients. Congratulations on your anniversary! Bravo on making it through the highs and lows!


  24. Hi there! I just wanted to let you know I featured you today over at Blissful and Domestic. Stop by and grab a button:>

    Danielle @ Blissful and Domestic

  25. Wow, those look awesome! I am hosting my 3rd blog hop and would love you to link up. Have a wonderful afternoon. Diane @ MamalDiane.com

  26. also I’m a new linky follower

  27. I love these! This is such a great idea! I would love for you to share on Blog Stalking Thursday! http://thecraftyblogstalker.blogspot.com/2012/05/blog-stalking-thursday-40.html

  28. I need to try these sometime – they look so good!

  29. Oh.my.word. What have you done?! I must try these now!!!

  30. I so need a waffle maker! I can’t believe I don’t have one. It is now a must!! Thanks for sharing at A Pinteresting Party.

  31. I got a new waffle maker for my birthday!! I will definitely be trying this out!! Thanks for linking up – I featured you today! http://www.flamingotoes.com/2012/05/crush-of-the-week-think-pink-features-49/

  32. I would LOVE to try those! What a wonderful creation!! Thanks so much for linking up this great dish at my link party! Hope to see you this Wednesday for more wonderful inspiration!

    Kaitlin-The Not So Simple Housewife

  33. Beverly Neville says:

    Simple solution to clean your waffle iron – while still warm brush gently with an old toothbrush & wipe with a paper towel. Everything seems to wipe right out before cooling and hardening into place. Love the cinnamon waffle idea, THANKS! Surprise! Waffle irons can be used for grilled sandwiches as well, as I learned accidentally when in a rush and mistakenly pulled it out and preheated it rather than the griller (which are stored side by side). Imagine the surprise when I removed the cooked sandwich with squares and finally noticed my error- lol

  34. How would you make this work with frozen cinnamon rolls, just let them thaw for a few minutes??

  35. I just linked you to my blog, http://missmessycrocker.blogspot.com/. Check it out.. what a great idea…I am thinking real maple syrup instead of the cream drizzle…..yummy!

  36. Laura Brewer says:

    I gotta get off your pages!!! I am gaining weight thru my drolling!!!! Guess whats for Breakfast!!

  37. Boy talk about some good eats girl, oh yum. Thanks for all these awesome recipes, granolas and all. What a great hubs, gets you what you really want, think it’s time I got a waffle maker instead of eating those frozen things.
    My problem is I love to eat, if I ate how I’d love to and as much would be one huge old mama. With no thyroid have enuf trouble keeping myself decent, not skinny but decently fluffy. In size 12-14’s. Was thinner for about 3 or so years but too much of Burger King for a year and gained almost 20 lbs. Gotta love their creamy ice cream cones. Groan.
    Have great rest of week food lady.


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