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Mexican Street Chips with Hot Sauce & Lime

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Move over chips and salsa, there is a new snack in town: Mexican Street Chips with hot sauce and lime!

Based on the popular street food, these crispy salty chips are sprinkled with hot sauce and a hearty squeeze of lime and make a delicious addition to any Mexican meal!

Mexican Street Chips with Hot Sauce & Lime in plastic basket

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We have a pretty strong food scene in Orlando. So the half hour or so leading up to lunch in our office is normally a heated discussion on which lunch spot to head to. One of our faves is a food truck turned brick & mortar restaurant – Hunger Street Tacos – that makes amazing tacos and baskets of these simple but flavorful Mexican Street Chips!

I have made it very clear that I am a wimp when it comes to spicy food. So I was just as shocked as you are that I l-o-v-e-d these chips!

The combination of salty chips, mild hot sauce and lots of tangy lime juice were surprisingly delicious.

Kettle Chips in bowl with Hot Sauce & Lime wedges

There really isn’t a ‘recipe’ for this snack and there are only 3 ‘ingredients:

  • Potato chips – I used super crispy kettle chips from the grocery store but you could make your own if you want to be more authentic
  • Hot sauce – I used traditional Valentina hot sauce – it is a mild hot sauce with a little kick but great vinegar flavor
  • Limes – lots of limes!

I like to serve these Mexican Street Chips DIY style. Grab a big bowl for the chips (or line plastic food baskets with parchment paper and fill them with chips), a big bottle of hot sauce, lime wedges and let your family or guests help themselves. This is easy entertaining at its finest!

Don’t you love food like this? I mean, fill a basket, drizzle on some hot sauce and squeeze the heck outta a couple of lime wedges and get your crunch on!

Squeezing lime wedge over Mexican Street Chips

Since I used kettle chips (which are made in batches, take a little longer to cook and therefore get caramelized and crispier), they keep their crisp longer when drenched in hot sauce and lime.

Mexican Street Chips with Hot Sauce & Lime in white plastic basket


Feel free to try any of these creative ways to add your own twist to Mexican Street Chips:

  • Use lemons instead of limes
  • Use flavored kettle chips
  • Up the heat with a HOT sauce
  • Or tone the heat down with a sweet chili hot sauce
  • Better yet, set up a hot sauce bar so guests can make their chips as hot – or not – as they want!

Wanna hear a secret? Because I am a nacho addict, I made Mexican Street Chips into nachos. I melted Mexican blend cheese over the chips and then doused them in hot sauce and lime. Verdict? AMAZING.

Okay, who is going to give this super easy snack (or appetizer) a try this Summer?!

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Its easy! I will show you how.

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  1. Hey I know this is an older post, but try Doritos! They’re the best chip when making this concoction.

    I used to go to my friends houses, growing up in SoCal, an every hispanic house I’d go to, would always have a giant bottle of Tapatio or Valentina hot sauce, with a bag of doritos and lemons on the table. This will blow your mind more then kettle chips!

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