Tangy Crock Pot Lil Smokies

Sometimes, I just don’t want to cook dinner.  This normally strikes on the weekend, after I’ve spent the day cleaning and I’ve changed into my “comfy clothes”.  Can you relate?  So, if I find myself in that predicament, I will forego a traditional “meat & potatoes” dinner in favor of messy, sticky, often times cheesy finger foods!  {Did you hear those “cool mom” points I just racked up?!}  Our small bites dinner always includes some sort of warm melty dip like creamy pizza dip or baked spinach artichoke dip.  There will be a cool creamy dip for veggies and to take the edge off spicy hot wings. Sometimes, I will make apple jelly meatballs, which are gobbled up in minutes. But this year, I’ve found a recipe that may just give my meatballs a run for their money:

Tangy Crock Pot Lil Smokies

Tangy crock pot lil smokies in a 2 ingredient sauce - there are never any leftovers!

All hail the power of a little smoked sausage!  I’m not sure what magical ingredient is added to Lil Smokies, but there are never.EVER. any leftovers at any potluck or party.  And this recipe for tangy crock pot Lil Smokies is no different!  You will end up with an empty crock pot.  And you can fish around for that last Lil Smokie swimming under all that sauce, but I’m pretty sure someone already beat you to it.  I would recommend a double batch!

Tangy Crock Pot Lil Smokies


  • Two 14 oz. packages of Lil Smokies (mini smoked sausage links)
  • One 6 oz. jar of yellow mustard
  • Two 12 oz. jars of currant jelly


  1. Place all items in your crock pot {or a pot on the stove top if you don't want to haul out the crock pot} and simmer on low, stirring occasionally to combine the mustard and jelly.
  2. The sausage is fully cooked, so these can be served as soon as the sausage is hot and the sauce is combined.
  3. I would recommend a double batch if you are feeding a crowd!

Whether speared on a bamboo pick or tucked in a soft Hawaiian rolls, your guests and family will gobble these up!  Now, I keep mustard and currant jelly on hand in your pantry so I can get these simmering any time we have friends over or when I get appetizer duty for the pot luck!

Tangy crock pot lil smokies - crowd pleaser at any party!

And on a completely random side note, can you tell that Santa might have brought me a new DSLR camera for Christmas?!  YIPPEE!! I mean, did you ever think we could get this up close and personal with a Lil Smokie?!  We can both cross that off of our bucket list now.

Easy recipe for tangy crock pot Lil Smokies

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  1. These look delicious! I love pretty much every appetizer ever. :-) Pinning!

  2. I haven’t’ had little smokies in forever, this recipe sounds delicious :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  3. I love little smokies and these looks delish! I would love for you to link up at Link’n Blogs.

    Have a great day!

    Put A Bird On It

  4. I can TOTALLY relate….I NEVER want to make dinner on weekends! We actually had a Trader Joe’s appetizer night last night, and these little smokies would have made the perfect addition! Thanks so much for sharing at Saturday Night Fever :)

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