Zombie Nachos ~ Halloween Dessert Nachos


  • Two 17 1/3 oz. bags of cinnamon sugar pita chips
  • Hot fudge ice cream topping
  • 1 cup of mini Oreo cookies crushed into coarse crumbs
  • Raspberry pie filling
  • Candy eyes gummy eyeballs, gummy brains, gummy worms ...
  • Halloween sprinkles


  1. Spread the cinnamon sugar pita chips on a baking sheet or serving tray.
  2. Microwave the hot fudge according to package directions and drizzle over chips.
  3. Sprinkle crushed Oreos over chips.
  4. Spoon 'globs' of raspberry pie filling over the tray of chips.
  5. Add candy eyes and/or gummy candy.
  6. Finally, add Halloween sprinkles and serve.

Recipe Notes

- Serve with additional raspberry pie filling - it is SO good to dip the chips into!
- These Zombie Nachos (or Halloween dessert nachos) are best served immediately after drizzled, globbed and sprinkled so the chips stay crispy.
- Feel free to use cherry or strawberry pie filling if your family prefers a different flavor.