Birthday Cake Ice Cream Cupcakes

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Birthday Cake Ice Cream Cupcakes - birthday cake + birthday cake ice cream!

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August is my favorite month of the year.  Any guesses why?  Back to school?  Tax free shopping weekend?  8 is an even number?  If the title of this post gave it away, YAY!!  It’s my birthday month!  I have absolutely no problem celebrating my birthday, birth week or birth month!  So, I hope you are ready for birthday cake, birthday cake ice cream, whipped cream and sprinkles, because we are about to get birthday-fied up in here!

Birthday Cake Ice Cream Cupcakes

Birthday Cake Ice Cream Cupcakes!

These cute little layered cupcakes are made up of some of my favorite things! Confetti birthday cake! Birthday cake ice cream! Whipped Cream! And Sprinkles!! Despite the fact that my father-in-law swears that I did not serve cake and ice cream at one of the boys’ birthday parties {you all know I would never let that happen, right?!}, cake and ice cream are an absolute must have for parties as far as I am concerned! BUT, I always get a little stressed out trying to cut cake and scoop ice cream at the same time.  In Florida, we have a window of about .6 seconds to scoop and serve ice cream before we have ice cream soup. So, birthday cake ice cream cupcakes are the perfect way to serve both in one fell swoop!

Confetti birthday cake + birthday cake ice cream + whipped cream + sprinkles!!

I found this genius idea over at Rachel’s place … Bubbly Nature Creations!  A few weeks ago, I was browsing my cupcake Pinterest board for birthday inspiration {seriously, what did we DO before Pinterest?}, and there they were!!  Her pretty in pink ice cream cupcakes!

The inspiration for my birthday cake ice cream cupcakes!

I’m pretty sure you can see why they were the brilliant inspiration for a birthday cake version for my birthday!  I took a few shortcuts with a cake mix and store bought whipped cream, but I absolutely LOVE the idea of serving ice cream and cake together in cute little cupcake form!

Click here for Rachel’s recipe for ice cream cupcakes!!

Before you go, want to see what happened when EIGHT bloggers decided to find inspiration and create something based on another blogger’s most popular posts?  Well today is your lucky day!  {It’s sort of like your birthday, too!!}

Welcome to the Bloggers’ Best Round Robin!!

Here are the inspiration posts we started with … our most popular posts!

Come see what happens when bloggers recreate each others' most popular projects!! {Hint: I made cupcakes!}

And here are the “after” posts … hop from post to post to see another blogger’s take on our most popular post!

What inspires you?  Are you ready to tackle a new project or recipe now?  Have you been inspired by a Shaken Together idea?  I would love for you to share it! This post may be shared here:




Its easy! I will show you how.

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  6. Hi Keri!! These cupcakes look fantastic – we don’t have any birthdays coming up at our house anytime soon – I guess we’ll just have to make them to celebrate something else (back-to-school, maybe!!) 😉 Would love it if you would stop by to share some of your fantastic creations at our Create & Share party! Have pinned these gorgeous treat!!

  7. These look delicious! Pinned to my cupcake board. I love the idea of creating another bloggers post popular.

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