Doggone Cute Valentines + FREE Printables

Sweet gummy pups + our adorable FREE printable bag toppers to color are all you need to whip up a pack of these Doggone Cute Valentines!

Fill a bag with gummy dogs, color and decorate our FREE printable bag toppers and our DOGGONE Cute Valentines are ready for friends, family and classmates!

Happy New Year, friends! Is it ironic that one of my last posts of 2016 was a healthy seafood recipe (that slaw!!) and my first post of 2017 involves candy? If you have been around Shaken Together for any length of time, you’ll know that this is totally normal. In fact, I’ve got a crazy good salad recipe coming up, followed by a few more pun-y Valentine posts that absolutely involve candy. All things in moderation, right?! ;)

Anyway, back to these adorable Valentines!

DOGGONE Cute Valentines

DOGGONE Cute Valentines + FREE Printable Bag Toppers - these sweet little Valentine treats are so cute!

Oh, how I love a good pun. And a cute pup. And coloring. And the chance to dig into my drawer of ribbons and twine and pretty string (yep, I have a whole drawer!). And I don’t hate candy, either … ha! These sweet little Valentine treats combine all of these things!

Grab our FREE printable bag toppers to make our DOGGONE Cute Valentines! They are so fun for the kiddos to color, decorate and give!


I found these gummy dogs at our local bulk food store, but there are lots of options online for dog themed candy and food items. You could even put a small stuffed animal, dog themed socks (<— some of these are hilarious!) or dog figurines in a cello bag and top it with our free printable bag topper.

Gummy dogs are perfect for our DOGGONE Cute Valentines! Grab the free printable Valentine bag toppers, too!

Once you have printed the bag toppers, color the little dogs and add twine bows and pom pom trim collars for sweet details that make these even cuter!

DOGGONE Cute Valentines for girls - color the dogs and add twine bows! DOGGONE Cute Valentines for boys - this little dalmatian got a pom pom collar!

Fill a cello bag with gummy dogs and fold over the top of the cello bag. Fold the bag toppers in half (don’t forget to fill out the to and from) and staple them on at the folded top of the cello bag. These are just so doggone cute and ready for friends, family, classmates or a fun lunch box find for the littles!

Adorable DOGGONE Cute Valentines with FREE printable bag toppers to color and decorate! Perfect for friends, family and classmates!

You know that this is not the first pun-y, candy themed Valentine here at Shaken Together, right? I mean, there are …

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Don’t worry … I’m not done yet! Stick around for more easy, fun Valentine ideas for all of the Valentines in your life! But for now, wag your tail for these adorable DOGGONE Cute Valentines + FREE Printables!!

Fill a bag with gummy dogs, color and decorate our FREE printable bag toppers and our DOGGONE Cute Valentines are ready for friends, family and classmates!



  1. This is so cute. Never saw dog gummies before! Pinning.

  2. What a cute idea – I love it! :)
    Those gummies are so fun! I’m gonna have to keep an eye open for some dog shaped ones.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    XO, Vanessa

  3. These are absolutely adorable from the pun-ish slogan, to the illustration, and the amazing little dog gummies!! I mean this only as a compliment, but I am really going to use this for dogs. My sheltie and I are dog park regulars and I think it would be so cute to make these valentines (maybe with dog biscuits) to hand out to dog friends! Thank you for creating and sharing! Pinned for sure.

  4. So cute! Where did you get the gummies? I can’t find them online anywhere!

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