Valentine Yarn Wrapped Trees

Raid your scrapbook paper stash, grab a heart shaped punch and make this Easy Valentine Heart Specimen Art!

If you saw my Valentine Heart Specimen Art from Monday, you also got a sneak peek at these lovely red and pink trees for Valentines’ Day.  I mean, Christmas doesn’t have to have the monopoly on trees, right?!  And that yarn!  I spent an hour wandering up and down the aisles at the craft store looking for the perfect color, perfect texture and just the right amount of soft fuzziness.  I was like the Goldilocks of yarn.  Which works for me because I don’t think I like porridge.  Okay, so … these trees!

Valentine Yarn Wrapped Trees

Valentine Yarn Wrapped Trees - love the colors and textures of that yarn! Perfect for a Valentine mantel or vignette!

I know I am not the first to wrap a cone in yarn.  And I know I won’t be the last.  {Hopefully some of you make them!}  But I have finally come to the conclusion that even though I may have seen something, that doesn’t mean all of you have also seen it.  And the world is big enough for a few more pretty Valentine yarn wrapped trees!


Valentine Yarn Wrapped Trees - love the colors and textures of that yarn! Perfect for a Valentine mantel or vignette!

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**You can forget about the felt & pinking shears in the picture … I was going to make a 3rd tree but it didn’t work out quite like I wanted.

The How-To

This project is going to require a little time and a little patience.  The yarn wrapped trees aren’t hard to make … just a little tedious.  I recommend a marathon of HGTV’s Fixer Upper :)

  1. I began by hot gluing the end of my red Homespun yarn around the very top of the 13 inch cone.
  2. Then, just wrap around and around and around and around …
  3. I didn’t hot glue every single row – maybe every 3 or 5 – and I just hot glued about an inch or so of yarn when I did.
  4. Make sure to scoot the rows of yarn together as you wrap so very little of the paper mache shows through.  {I actually don’t mind a little of it peeking through but you could always paint the cone with a coordinating color of acrylic paint first.}  If I had glued a few rows and noticed too much of the paper mache was visible, I just circled back to add a few more wrapped rows of yarn and then continued where I had left off.
  5. The red homespun yarn is thinner but has a great curvy texture – love it! The pink/white “tizzy” yarn goes much faster and is a little more forgiving.

Valentine Yarn Wrapped Trees - love the colors and textures of that yarn! Perfect for a Valentine mantel or vignette!

That cream colored sweater tree is a Target clearance find from a few years ago.  BUT you could easily make one with a thrift store sweater!  {In fact, I did some quick Googling and Sometimes Homemade has a great tutorial for a DIY sweater tree!}  Yarn wrapped trees are an easy way to add some softness and texture to your Valentine mantel or home décor.  I have my 3 trees tucked in that turquoise tray as the sweet centerpiece on our dining room table.  Oh – and I’ll be sharing that cute garland of teeny tiny hearts soon, too!

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  1. A yarn wrapped tree would be perfect next to my sweater tree! Thanks for the great idea!

  2. I love decorating for Valentine’s Day. These would be such a cute addition. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I made some yarn wrapped tress for Christmas but never thought to make some for Valentine’s Day! What a great idea, I love them! I’ve shared your tutorial on my Five on Friday post today :) Have a wonderful weekend!

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