Gold Tipped Cork Leaf Wreath & 75 Fall Harvest Ideas!

Beautifully simple gold tipped cork leaf wreath - gorgeous for Fall!

You guys.  This wreath.  THIS WREATH!  It makes my Fall loving heart go pitter patter.  You see, I am not much of a wreath maker.  I can make a 3-minute wreath or add some pipe cleaner rosettes to a yarn wrapped wreath, but I just don’t have that knack for tying beautiful bows or artfully arranging foliage.  But I can cut some cork leaves.  And add a touch of gold.  And absolutely fall in love with my first piece of Fall decor!

Gold Tipped Cork Leaf Wreath

Beautifully simple gold tipped cork leaf wreath - gorgeous for Fall!

I just love the natural texture of the cork – no two leaves are the same and they all have a rustic quality.  I added a swipe of gold paint to each leaf – they catch the light just so and it adds a touch of fancy.  I debated about adding a bow or berries or something else.  But, I was actually just fine with the simplicity and ended up adding a simple cream colored ribbon to hang it.  It’s not perfect and I am totally okay with that. Want to make your very own Gold Tipped Cork Leaf Wreath?  Let’s do it! This post contains affiliate links for your convenience {at no additional cost to you} and to assist in the maintenance of this site.



The How-To

  1. From the cork, cut out about 50 large leaves – mine are about 3 inches long.
  2. Cut out about 20 medium leaves – mine are about 2 1/2 inches long.
  3. Cut out about 15 small leaves – these are only 1 1/2 inches long.
  4. Using the foam brush, add gold paint to one edge of each leaf and allow to dry.
  5. Once leaves are dry, begin layering them around the wreath form and hot gluing them on.  There is definitely a learning curve to the leaf layering.  You can see on the bottom of the wreath where I started my layering.  The leaves are a little snaggle-toothed, if you will.  I have convinced myself it is charming.  Mainly because they were already hot glued on and they were not coming off.  This is where my full-steam ahead crafting gets me every time, ha ha.  I suggest that you lay out your leaves before you hot glue them.


  • Tips on how to layer leaves for a cork leaf wreath


  • Towards the left side of the wreath, you can see that I finally figured out a tuck and layer method:  Starting with the large leaves, add two at opposing angles with the bottom of the leaves touching – they should form a “V”.  Hot glue them onto the wooden wreath form and keep adding pairs of leaves around the wreath.  Go back and add another layer of leaves – using the rest of the large and medium leaves.  Finally, tuck in your small leaves in, again, trying to balance the wreath and add a little dimension.


  • Hot glue a loop of ribbon to the back of the cork leaf wreath to hang it.

LOVE this gorgeous Gold Tipped Cork Leaf Wreath from Shaken Together - great idea for simple and neutral Fall decor! Once I made this wreath and pulled together this vignette, I am inspired to create my Fall decor with natural elements, neutrals + metallics and a pop of deep purple – what do you think?  {And the easy tutorial for that dollar store pumpkin makeover is coming soon!} If one Fall tutorial is not quite enough … today, I have joined 75 bloggers to share tons of Fall Harvest Ideas with you! From crafts, to recipes, to home decor and more…we have you covered for Fall inspiration! 75 Fall Harvest Ideas Browse the gallery below and visit some of my blogging friends to get inspired to make, bake, create and craft your Fall Harvest home!!


  1. This is so cute! I stink at wreaths but I can’t wait to try this one!

  2. That weath is soooo gorgeous! LOVE!!!

  3. SO gorgeous! I wish I was crafty

  4. I love this!! The cork is totally unique, and the gold adds a perfect touch. :)

  5. I absolutely adore this wreath! It’s so simple and elegant. Amazing, as always!

  6. Keri,
    I absolutely love this wreath! It has everything; elegance, sparkle, nature, simplicity, imagination, etc!
    And by the way, I love the bottom part. If you stand back and look it seems like you made that area like that on purpose. It almost looks like it’s the perfect place for a ribbon. It’s just a little added feature instead of all the leaves going the same way which may have been kind of boring!
    Good Job!

  7. I almost forgot, the purple is perfect!!!

  8. JaneEllen says:

    Hey Keri Awesome wreath, I love how it looks on bottom, is good indicator what is bottom and top of wreath. What a great idea making leaves with cork, haven’t seen this before but fantastic idea and look. For somebody that thinks she’s not wreath maker you did bang on job girl. I love different uses for ideas and yours is great. The gold tip is unusual and pretty.
    Happy week to your and yours.


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