A Trio of Sweet Spring & Easter Gifts {and Seed Packet Printable!}

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You had to know this post was coming, right?!  What would a holiday at Shaken Together be without seasonal gifts – especially those made with candy?!  Do you remember my lemon drop Valentines or “corny” candy corn mason jar gift?  I guess my brain is just wired to pair candy with a little creativity to make sweet little gifts for the VIPs in our lives: co-workers, teachers, friends and kids.  And today’s trio of sweet Spring & Easter gifts are no exception!

A trio of sweet Spring & Easter gifts!

When I was at Sam’s Club stocking up on anything and everything in an effort to satisfy my boys’ appetites, I meandered down the candy aisle looking for inspiration for Spring and Easter gifts.  Sure enough, the bright green packaging on the Skittles & Starburst 30 Pack from Sam’s Club did it!  And I couldn’t get home quick enough to start crafting!!  I even have a fun FREE printable so you can make your own friendship seeds!!

Skittles & Starburst at Sams Club for Spring & Easter gifts!

Once I shooed the boys outside so I could craft without sneaky little walk-by candy snatching, I opened all of the Starburst packets and started sorting by color.  And BAM!  It hit me!  Bright orange Starburst carrots for the boys’ Easter baskets!  I snagged some disposable piping bags from my stash and some of the kooky green yarn I had on hand from my picket fence chalkboard countdown and made a few veggies that I know my boys will eat!

Starburst carrots are easy and a cute Easter basket filler!
For each carrot, you will need:

  • One disposable piping bag
  • Orange Starburst candies (or orange Skittles)
  • Green yarn, raffia, twine, ribbon, ric rac, etc. for the carrot top
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape

How to make Starburst carrots for Easter!

Once you have sorted the orange Starburst, fill a disposable plastic piping bag with the candy- make sure you leave room between the candy and the logo (if your bags have one).  Then lay a piece of string under the piping bag and a few pieces of yarn on top of it.  Use the string to tie the bag closed and the yarn carrot top to the bag.  Avoiding the yarn, trim the excess plastic bag away (below the logo if there is one).  Finally, fold the empty pointed end of the bag back and tape it to the back of the carrot with a small piece of clear tape.

And now, because no holiday is complete without a mason jar gift (and since I had already had a big pile of yellow Starburst), I’ll show you how to make this chubby, cheery mason jar Easter chick!

Mason jar Easter chick gift filled with Starburst
For each mason jar Easter chick, gather:

  • One small mason jar
  • Yellow Starburst or Skittles
  • Permanent black marker
  • One yellow cupcake paper
  • Two orange paper flowers
  • A small piece of orange scrap paper
  • Craft or hot glue

How to make a mason jar Easter chick!

First, fill your mason jar with your yellow Starburst or Skittles and put on the jar lid and ring.  Draw two black eyes on the jar with a permanent marker.  Cut your piece of orange scrap paper to form a beak and glue it on under the eyes.  Use two paper punched flower for feet and glue them along the bottom of the jar.   Finally, fold your yellow cupcake paper in half and cut it into two halves.  Fold the two halves in half again (so the wings are fluffy) and glue the wings to each side of the mason jar.  And then decide that this little guy is too cute to give away!  ;)

The third gift is one of my favorites.  With all of the Skittles included in the pack, I wanted to make a Spring gift that would be great for a crowd of VIPs – classmates, teachers, neighbors or co-workers.  So, I created these cute little Skittles friendship seeds seed packets!

Skittles friendship seeds and FREE printable!

For these Friendship Seeds seed packet gifts, you will need:

  • Small treat bags
  • Skittles
  • Seed packet labels – see below.  I’m sharing them with you as a free printable in two different colors!
  • Scissors or paper trimmer
  • Glue stick / adhesive

Click here to print your friendship seeds seed packet labels!

How to make Skittles friendship seeds and cute seed packet printable!

Once you have printed your seed packet labels, cut them out using scissors or a paper trimmer.  Use a glue stick to affix the labels to small treat bags.  Fill the bags with Skittles.  Fold the top of the bag over and glue it closed.

Will these Spring & Easter gifts be making appearances in your Easter baskets or neighborhoods?!  I’ve tucked the carrots away with my stash of Easter basket goodies and the little mason jar Easter chick is going to be a sweet surprise for one of my favorite chicks!!  I’d love to see your twists on these Spring & Easter gifts, too, so feel free to share them with me on Facebook!


  1. SO super cute!! I just love the carrots… want to make some now ;o) I love these two candies too, my favorites!!

  2. These are fabulous ideas!! :)

  3. I have to say the chick is probably my favorite!

  4. So many cute ideas, Keri ~ I love the little chick.

  5. That chick is darling! Though I love them all :D

  6. Oh my gosh that little chick is just too cute! And what a fun idea for “friendship seeds”, I love it! Pinning for sure!

  7. Oh my goodness! These are all so cute!!! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Those chicks are the cutest thing I ever saw! Adorable! I’m going to have to make them for someone :)

  9. What cute ideas! I adore the little chick.

  10. So cute! Now I’ve got a super craving for candy!

  11. That chick is SO cute! I think I’m going to make one for each of my kids and my niece and nephew. Thanks for your other great ideas as well. #client

  12. Such wonderful ideas!! These would make a great addition to our Easter table setting. So great of you to share – thanks so much!!

  13. JaneEllen says:

    So blasted cute, you are so talented, thanks so much for the labels. Think I just might be using these for little gifts. Quick and easy, inexpensive. Will get some piping bags also. Wish I’d seen this before we went to town yesterday, could have gotten some of the bags at Michaels, also gotten some of the little mason jars. Really want to make these adorable little Easter gifts. They’re all so cute it’s hard to say which is favorite. So glad you shared these. Had to pin all of them.
    Right now I’m being naughty eating some Lemonhead and friends Jellies I got at Dollar tree. Not bad.
    Happy Spring to you and yours.

  14. Way cute!! Pinning!!

  15. I LOVE all the ideas & I hate to be so persnickety, but “nurture” is spelled wrong on the labels. It should be spelled “nurture”, but it is currently spelled ” nuture”. Thanks again… GREAT IDEAS!!

    • Thank you, thank you! Blogging at 4am without coffee has its hazards! I’ve corrected the printable so the seed packet labels have the correct spelling!

  16. Amy Cloud says:

    I really think its so sweet to give to some friends in the month of May..

  17. lauralynn says:

    Thank you for the wonderful ideas and for sharing the printable friendship seed packet. This is a great small gift for a large office staff and volunteers!

  18. Hi Keri! I love all of these idea but I’m really in love with the chick jar and I totally have to make one (or more!) to go with my bunny jars! Too cute! Thank you so much for sharing at Best of the Weekend – pinned and shared! Hope you’re having a fantastic week!

  19. Celeste says:

    Thank you so much for the adorable Friendship Seed labels. I can’t wait to make them for my 2nd Graders! Now, I need to search out the cute little treat bags. You’re the BEST!

  20. Your little chick is adorable and since I’m seeing this on Valentines Day – don’t have to look any further for a cute Easter treat. This might only be a hot, humid S. Florida situation, but I’m going to substitute orange/yellow chunks of cheese as Starbursts might melt together. Add a stalk of celery or parsley and it will be as cute as your original. He’s just adorable!

    Tavette – S. Fla.


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