Valentine Candy Tackle Box – Great for Guys!

Valentines for guys are tricky.  Not too mushy, not too girly.  Like Goldilocks, it has to be just right.  And though he will listen with long-suffering as I brainstorm ideas, Chris does not share the obsession affection for puns that I do.  Opposites attract and all that jazz.  But this word nerd can’t be stopped!  This cute little gift is the perfect way to tell your Valentine: “I’m yours, hook, line & sinker!”  Nothing says love like a tiny tackle box filled with edible lures, bait and weights.  That’s right.  It’s a …

Valentine Candy Tackle Box

Valentine candy tackle box - great gift for guys!

Since my Valentine is quite the catch, {I’ll be here all week!}, I need to make sure he knows that he is mine, all mine!  So what better way to tell him that than with a “manly” Valentine that he could open and enjoy even in front of the guys!  No one can resist the siren’s call of gummy worms!

I picked up these divided plastic boxes in the oh-so-tempting-never-leave-without-something Target Dollar Spot.  And candy in their candy aisle which is a slow, delicious, sugary death for my wallet.  I decided on Chewy SweetTarts for weights, gummy worms for bait and Swedish Fish for lures.  For all my fellow visual learners:

How to make a Valentine tackle box - great gift for guys!

Then, I filled up each spot in the tackle box, replaced the lid and used bakers twine to tie on a hand-stamped tag that reads I’m yours, hook, line & sinker.

Valentine candy tackle boxes - great gift for guys!

It’s a Valentine tackle box … so you could also stamp your tag with an equally lovey dovey saying like You’re such a catch or My Of-FISH-al Valentine or I’m Hooked on You.  And they just keep comin’!  I know, my hubby is a lucky, lucky guy ;)

Cute candy tackle box - great gift idea for guys!

Well, do you think you can bait your hook and catch yourself a sweetheart with a Valentine candy tackle box?  My guess is YES!

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  1. I love this! Such a clever idea, and my husband loves all of those treats! Pinning!

  2. Dang girl! That is SUPER cute!!!

  3. Oh my. So very very cute! I love the tackle box idea!

  4. I love it! Great wordplay, affordable treat and… super cute!

  5. Yours turned out so cute!!! Great minds really do think alike! ;)

  6. My husband adores lemonheads…thanks for the idea, Keri!

    :) Hope this finds you well.

  7. So cute! Love this idea, Keri!

  8. Hi Keri! Stopping by from best of the weekend. This V-Day tackle box is ADORABLE! Such a great idea. Have pinned! ~Erin

  9. This is wonderful! I love the idea thanks for sharing I am so using this for Valentines day – I had no ideas!

  10. Such cute ideas!!! I love them! Visiting from Mandy’s party on Sugar Bee Crafts!


  11. Hi Keri. This is just about the cutest idea I’ve seen! Would love to have you share it over on our site.

  12. Hi Keri! This is just a great idea and I just love it! Thank you so much for sharing with us at Best of the Weekend – I’ll be featuring it at tonight’s party. Hope you have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!

  13. This is probably the most clever valentine idea I’ve seen this year…so cute! Thank you for sharing, and I’m pinning now! ~Lisa

  14. This is so adorable! I am so doing this for my husband! He is an avid fisherman and will get a huge kick out of this! Thanks for posting!

  15. Such a cute tackle box. Pinned it to my Valentine’s Day Board. Will follow your other social media, too. Found you as hostess for Share your Stuff Tuesdays via Simple Life of a Fire Wife’s FB Post (whew –a mouthful!) Great to meet you!

  16. Keri, it’s really great for guys and valentine candy tackle box would be a perfect gift for any men. Specially I would be happy if I get this candy tackle box as a gift from my girl friend:)

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