How to Organize Your Calendar with Washi Tape

Welcome to the first post of 2014!  Once the new year rolls over, the first thing I LOVE to do is put up our new family calendar. (Normally we get a generic calendar from Chris’ company, but this year, I found a “cute” calendar in Target.)  And I decided that 2014 is the year that I am going to get a jump on certain things:  home maintenance, pet maintenance, kid maintenance!  So, armed with a Sharpie and a few rolls of washi tape, I’m going to share my tips on …

How to Organize Your Calender with Washi Tape

How to organize your calendar with washi tape!

*Yes, I know that there are apps and all sorts of technology to help stay organized.  But, since my scrap books are only updated through, oh, 2001, I write all of our happenings on a physical calendar that I tuck away for future reference.*

Now, since I am the point person of our husband-wife team for things like doctors and dentists and vets (not vests as I first typed, ha ha!), I am normally the keeper of appointments and reminders and activities.  Which means that my wallet has reminder cards spilling out and more often than not, I have to reschedule appointments because said cards have been “relocated” at some point.  It’s a little out of control …

Keep track of all of this mess ... organize your calendar with washi tape!

While this may not be a terribly new concept to some of you (lucky organized ones!), using washi tape to organize your calendar is an easy way to keep track of recurring appointments, maintenance schedules, birthdays and more at a quick glance.  As an added bonus, I get to use two of my favorite crafting supplies ever!  This is a win-win, people!

Let’s get started …

  1. Gather those appointment reminders, maintenance schedules and grab your old calendar to reference when certain things were last maintained.
  2. Pick a few patterns of washi tape – I picked patterns that were not too busy or dark in color since I am going to write on it.
  3. I decided that each recorded activity would have the same tape.  For example:  changing the A/C filter = pink polka dots.  Applying our cats’ flea medication = gray.  Birthdays = colorful stripes.  Baseball = orange stripes.  So forth and so on.  You can go all rogue and switch it up if you want ;)
  4. Start adding your activities to your calendar with washi tape and Sharpies.

Use washi tape to track activities & appointments - organize your calendar in 2014!

If you need to move an appointment or activity, the washi tape is easy to remove.  If there is still enough “stick”, you can just move the activity to the new date.  If not, you can just add a new strip on your calendar.

I hung our pretty new calendar front and center on our fridge and added a mason jar with our washi tape and Sharpie, so hopefully this will help us all get organized in 2014!

Organize your calendar with washi tape - getting organized in 2014!

What are you doing to get organized in 2014??

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  1. oh how i LOVE this. :) it looks so pretty and wonderful. much better than google calendar. if only I would/could ever keep a paper calendar up to date!

  2. Oh this is wonderful! I shall do this. I just ordered a custom calendar (free!) from snapfish, so I’ll use that. i love the pretty tape. I haven’t used it before, and was wanting something to try it out on! :)

  3. I love this idea! It would be a great pop of color !
    thanks for sharing

  4. Love the use of washi tape on your calendar – I am all about colors for planning. I’m sharing this on Twitter. :)

  5. Awesome post! I saw those calendars at Target too and might have to get one for the office :) I love the idea of using pretty washi tape. I have tried normal pen on the tape in the past and it didn’t write well… but sharpies would be way better! and washi tape easily pulls off when people like me screw up the dates on the calendar but don’t want the calendar to look horrible when you start marking out things.

  6. What a great idea!! It looks great.

  7. My love for Washi is just blossoming… any favorite places to buy it?

  8. What a great way to use Washi Tape and get organized! Thanks for sharing at our Link It or Lump It party!

  9. That is genius and cute! I have a dry erase board and it SUCKS to wipe it clean each end of the month….hmm, now I have a reason to buy a cute calendar!

  10. Love this, Keri!

    I’m a paper girl myself. Even with all my apple products, I don’t trust the icloud and the computers. I need to see things in ink for them to “be real”.

    I started doing this a few weeks back, and life changing! I’ve also taken this concept to my date books. I have three. I’m actually going to blog about the crazy systems I use to organize the blogs, all of my bills, and the kids’ health stuff.

    Gah. Anyway, friend. I featured this today, in case some readers out there aren’t using this idea…they need to! Especially, that you can easily “move” washi tape without ripping most calendar. The date book on the other hand…lol…

    Have a lovely Sunday,

  11. How obvious is it to use washi tape for appointments on the calendar – and yet I would have NEVER thought of it! Thank you SO MUCH for the tip! I’m excited to start using it for that purpose!!! Have a blessed day!

  12. Oh super cute Keri! I just love washi tape. It’s the perfect amount of personality and color!! Thank you so much for linking up your organization project with Get Your DIY On- I hope you’ll join us for Feb’s theme, projects that you Love. See you on the 2nd!!

    Mandy @ The Hankful House Blog

  13. Betty819 says:

    I love this idea and you have twisted my arm to buy several rolls of Washi tape, not only for the calendar but other uses too. Looks like a nice size calendar. to help you keep up with important happenings, appts. etc. Thanks for sharing your idea.

  14. What’s the best pen to use on Washi?


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