Easy Weekend Meal Idea: Manwich Bar (Sloppy Joe Bar)

This post brought to you by Manwich. All opinions are 100% mine.

As a wife and mother who works full-time outside of our home, my weekends are SO valuable!  I use Saturday and Sunday to relax, regroup and recharge.  (And catch up on my DVR, ha ha!) Now, while I love to cook and bake, there are some days that I would rather brainstorm recipe ideas than spend hours in my kitchen.  Does that sound familiar?  Enter this super easy weekend meal idea:

The Manwich Bar

Easy weekend meal idea - a Manwich bar!

That’s right … we took sloppy joes to a whole new level!  And it was really easy!!  We had three different bases to load up with Manwich, three different Manwich flavors (Original, Bold and Thick & Chunky) and three different toppings.  It was a sloppy joe smorgasbord!!
It took no time at all to get everything set up and that meant we could spend more time together as a family!  After I unpacked the awesome cooking gear and other goodies from Manwich, I got cooking and set up for dinner.

First, I popped some potatoes in the microwave and slices of garlic bread in the oven. While those cooked, I browned and drained three pounds of ground beef.  (I have used ground turkey and chicken before, too!)  I divided the browned meat and mixed up each flavor of Manwich and let it simmer.  Then, it was time to set up the Manwich bar.

Easy weekend meal idea: Manwich Bar!!

I covered our patio table with plain kraft paper and grabbed a Sharpie.  I added notes, labeled the flavors of Manwich and left little reminders like don’t forget the toppings and make sure to grab a wipe for clean up!  Our Manwich bar was open for business!

Our fun and easy weekend meal idea - a Manwich bar!!

This Manwich bar definitely had some kid-stopping power!  Instead of heading back outside, both boys detoured to the back porch for a fun family dinner.  (Speaking of kid-stopping power, have you seen the cute Manwich TV Ads?  I can totally relate!)

Kaleb went with the sloppy tacos … small soft tortillas stuffed full of each flavor of Manwich, sprinkled with a little cheese and some sour cream.  {This is where the bib and wipes are going to come in handy!}

Sloppy tacos - one option at our weekend Manwich bar!

Chris and Camden started with the open-faced garlic bread sloppy joe with Bold Manwich and finished with a Thick & Chunky loaded sloppy joe baked potato.

Open-faced garlic bread sloppy joes!  One of the options from our weekend Manwich bar!

The open-faced garlic bread sloppy joes with Original Manwich are my favorite.  We all loved being able to create whatever combination sounded good and love that with the leftovers, Sunday lunch is already taken care of!!  Hello free time!!


  1. Wendy Hogue says:

    I want to do a Manwich bar too! What a fun idea! I’m not sure I knew there were other flavors of Manwich! Yum!!

  2. I love Manwich!! I cannot tell you how many memories I have associated with sloppy joes. I have no self control when I get around a can of manwich and some ground beef. It’s like watching the lion pride destroy a wildebeest. I like the original version on the mini sliders, yum!

  3. Emma DeSart says:

    Such a cute idea with a manly food! Love it! You continue to inspire me!!!

  4. Great post!

  5. Barbara King says:

    Love Sloppy Joes… The meatball hoagie recipe looks yummy!

  6. I would like to try the Sloppy Joe Biscuit Casserole first

  7. Oh there’s so many great recipes but I think the biscuit casserole and turkey stroganoff would be my first to try. I love the manwich bar idea, yum!!! Great for the superbowl!

  8. Sandy Headtke says:
  9. tracy milligan says:

    OH my gosh my family loves manwich! Don’t know why I never thought of doing a manwich bar. It would be so much fun for the whole family. I would chose to make the Baked Sloppy Joe Cups first. They would be great for little snacks especially with Super Bowl coming up!!!

  10. Mary Happymommy says:

    Definitely the meatball hoagies.

  11. Leila Emeric says:

    Meatball hoagies definitely and maybe the cornbread casserole. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. I would eat at a manwich bar fo sho! Great idea :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  13. Jamie Taylor says:

    Ok this was brilliant and perfectly timed. I had planned on just regular ol’ sloppy joes on hamburger buns like I normally do but tonight it’s going to sloppy joe tacos instead. My kids won’t know what to do with this awesome!

  14. I’d love to try the tacos!

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  17. What a great idea! I would probably try the tacos!

  18. Dude. We used to Manwich growing up all the time! Your bar is such a great idea!!!

  19. Those look great- I would definitely try the tacos first. YUM!

  20. Looks like so much fun! I LOVE sloppy joes! At my house we call the Sloppy Sam’s – my son is Samuel :-)

  21. Sloppy Joe Tacos

  22. The meatball hoagies sound delicious!

  23. Melissa Saenz says:

    I would like to try the Sloppy Joe Dip!

  24. The meatball hoagies. My husband would love if I won this giveaway because he hearts Manwich. The idea of a Manwich bar is really cool.

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  26. I can not wait to make the Sweet and Savory Saucy Meatballs!!!! Saucy Chicken Wings, and Saucy Baked Chicken and Party Dip!!!!!
    Looks like I know what I am making for Super Bowl Sunday!!!!!!!
    It is gonna be a PARTY!!!!!!!!! :-)

  27. the sloppy joe dip

  28. Sloppy Joe Cornbread Bake! It looks delicious!

  29. The shredded beef sandwiches look awesome!

  30. I think the Leftover Turkey Sloppy Joes look amazing! My mouth started watering looking at them!

  31. Lisa Brown says:

    i would try the Tangy Sweet Pork Chops recipe

  32. Lisa Brown says:

    follow pinterest as pinterest. com/ lisalu24/

  33. The Sloppy Joe Dip looks amazing!

  34. Yum! I’d make Creamy Sloppy Joe Bites for dinner one night.

  35. What a great idea. We love sloppy joes.
    Have a great week.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

  36. Baked Sloppy Joe CUps!

  37. the meatball hoagie sandwich

  38. Amy Orvin says:

    I’d like to try the saucy meatloaf

  39. Amy Orvin says:

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  45. That is so cute! Love the bibs too! We just did Manwich loaded baked potatoes, but I would love to try the Chuckwagon Turkey and Bean Skillet – looks so hearty and filling!

  46. janetfaye says:

    I would like to try Vegetarian Sloppy Joes.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  47. I would make the Meatball hoagies

  48. My favorite is the recipe for the Chuckwagon Beef and Bean skillet. They also have a meatloaf recipe that I want to try out.

  49. I would try the Sloppy Joe Dip as well! Looks great!

  50. i like the saucy meatball recipe

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