Our Family’s Favorite Easy Meals (and an Amazing Sundae) with Nestle! #cbias

If you have been around here for any length of time, you know that Chris and I both work full-time outside of our home and we have two boys (ages 13 and thisclose to 11) who are busy with school, friends and baseball.  SO.much.baseball.  Our Fall season is about to ramp up and I have to be super organized to keep all the home work done, a hungry family fed, clothes clean and boys in the right color baseball pants for the games. Needless to say, easy meals during the week are an absolute must!

So, thanks to a sponsored partnership with Nestle and Collective Bias, I am going to share two of our favorite easy meals for family dinners and an amazing sundae that will blow your mind!!  I took a quick trip to Walmart to pick up Nestle Meal Solution Products (Oh come on, don’t you want to peek in my cart?!) to stock up on the ingredients for the week for a few meals to make back to school and back to the ballpark a little easier!  You’ll probably recognize most of the Nestle brands: Stouffer’s, DiGiorno, Carnation, Tombstone & Edy’s.  They make weeknight meals like these, easy and delicious:

3 easy family friendly weeknight meals at shakentogetherlife.com

We have a local restaurant, Mellow Mushroom, that has really great pizza.  And long lines and wait times to go with it.  So, with a packed schedule looming, I was determine to re-create one of our favorite pizzas at home!  Feast your eyes on our Caesar Salad Pizza!!

Caesar Salad Pizza with Digiorno Pizzeria Pizza at shakentogetherlife.com #shop

This meal started out with a Digiorno Pizzeria pizza that I popped in the oven.  While it was baking, I mixed together a bag of Caesar salad with our favorite Caesar dressing and sliced up some gorgeous Roma tomatoes.  Once the pizza was done, I topped it with Caesar salad and sliced tomatoes and dinner was served!  I pulled this meal together in under 30 minutes; you better believe the Bassett boys were not late to practice that night!

Caesar salad pizza an easy weeknight meal at shakentogetherlife.com #shop

Later that week, our boys had batting practice and I knew that I needed a quick and hearty meal to fill their bellies before the three men in my life headed off to crush some balls in the cage!  Another favorite family meal to the rescue:  Garlic Bread Lasagna Boats!

Garlic bread lasagna boats easy weeknight meal

Now, there is a time – like lazy Sunday afternoons – when I might make a lasagna from scratch.  But on a busy weeknight?  That’s not possible and I know that a Stouffer’s Family Size Lasagna is just as delicious.  I slid the lasagna in the oven and while it baked, the boys did homework, Chris hopped in the shower and I hunted down the ever-elusive batting gloves and baseball socks.  A few minutes before the lasagna was done, I put a loaf of garlic bread in the oven.  The garlic bread was crispy and fragrant, the lasagna was piping hot and bubbling and I set out to assemble our dinner.

First, I cut the long halves of garlic bread in half and pressed down the center of the bread to create a space for the lasagna. Then, I cut the lasagna into strips and used two flat spatulas to scoop it out and nestle it right inside the garlic bread. Voila!  Lasagna Boats!  Yep, it may be a little messy but my boys gobble this up!  This easy meal is a great fit for our busy, on-the-go family.  Come to think of it, these could be wrapped in foil and placed in a thermal bag/cooler for those early practice nights when dinner is enjoyed from the bleachers!

Garlic bread lasagna boats an easy family favorite

Finally, after a long week, it was time to unwind and enjoy a good movie and my Triple Buttered Popcorn Sundaes!

 triple buttered popcorn sundaes for family movie night

Say what?!  Triple butter popcorn sundaes?!  That’s right!  Waffle bowls filled with Edy’s Slow Churned light butter pecan ice cream, fresh popped buttered popcorn and a drizzle of butterscotch sauce!  This sundae was a grand slam, for sure!!  (And yep!  Those are 4 of our family’s favorite movies!  What are your go to movies?)  I’m sure the movies were even better that I remembered when they were enjoyed with these sundaes!

triple buttered popcorn sundaes #shop

And don’t forget that you can connect with Nestle on their site, the Nestle Facebook page or follow Nestle on Twitter!

It’s no secret that these boys are trying to eat me out of house and home, but I am going to try to give them a run for their money thanks to a few easy weeknight solutions!  Do you have any easy-peasy recipes that I need to add to our weeknight dinner rotation?

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  1. Great ideas! I love having a few easy dinners that I can cook when I’m just not feeling it. :-)

  2. Yum, yum, and more yum!!!! I can’t wait to try all of these ideas, I always need new dinner ideas (and the easier the better!) Thanks for sharing!

  3. looks super yummy. i want to try the ice cream and popcorn! :)

  4. Are you kidding?! That popcorn and ice cream looks AMAZING! Such great meal ideas.

  5. I can’t wait to try the garlic bread lasagna boats. They look awesome, Keri!!

  6. I am a popcorn fiend but never thought to make it an ice cream topping. I feel like a whole world of options just opened up to me :) I am imagining a silky bowl of cookies and cream ice cream topped with a fresh batch of Oreo popcorn. Your easy meals sound delicious, too :)

    • Oh, the popcorn on a sundae was ridiculous! Wish I thought of it sooner, ha ha, because it’s our new fave! And your Oreo popcorn sounds amazing!!

  7. Nom nom! I need one of those sundaes immediately.

  8. those lasagna boats are amazing! what a great idea :)

  9. Oh for YUMM!!! It must be close to lunch because this post is making me drool a little bit!!! I love how you re-create a specialty pizza and those lasagna boats look *A*mazing! I know what I’ll be picking up for dinner next time I go shopping!

  10. These are great meals. I am going to try them out this week.

  11. Those garlic bread lasagna boats look amazing! Pinned!


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