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I am one of those people that hears a new song, down loads it and listens to it no less than 5,000 times.  In a row.  For days.  Until I know every word and every inflection. My last obsession?  The new Maroon 5 album.  But lately?  Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Phillips.   I decided that since I obviously can’t enough of the song on my phone and in the car, I would make a wooden song lyric sign to commemorate my new favorite song, too!

How to make a wooden song lyric sign at shakentogetherlife.com

This sign started with some scraps of wood that I glued together with Gorilla Glue Wood Glue.  Nope, they are not even or smooth and I love them that way!  After the glue dried and I pried my sign off the cardboard it was resting on, I dry brushed the surface with antique white acrylic paint.  Again, imperfect and a bit uneven.

glue boards together and dry brush with acrylic paint

Next, I used a deep brown acrylic paint and some foam letter stamps to stamp my favorite song lyrics from the song : You’ll never be alone, I’ll love you long after you’re gone, gone, gone.

stamp or stencil song lyrics with acrylic paint

Once all of the letters had been stamped, I used a thin paintbrush and some more acrylic paint to fill in and even out the letters and add the apostrophes.

How to make a wooden song lyric sign at shakentogetherlife.com

Finally, I distressed the sign with some fine grit sand paper and sealed it with a clear coat.

How to make a wooden sign lyric sign at shakentogetherlife.com

I absolutely LOVE my new wooden song lyric sign!  Now, I’ve got to find just the right place to hang it …

*Update added 6pm 6/20/13:  Sooo, if you follow me on Facebook, you know that this morning, I was listening to this song on my phone at work and realized Holy smokes!  I stamped a word wrong on that sign!!!!  Can we say craft fail?!  So tonight, I rushed home, Chris (best hubby ever!) sanded off the word “be” while I was driving home.  I had to repaint and re-stamp the correct word “sleep” and run out to take updated photos in our front yard just minutes before the skies opened up with a wicked summer storm.  I guess that is what I get for crafting at 4am crafting.  It is not for the faint of heart and should NOT be attempted without coffee first, ha ha!

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  1. Keri, I love it!! I have a Beatles song quote in my staircase that I love so much- Life is very short, and there’s no time for fussing and fighting my friend. I read it daily. Great reminder. ;)
    Thanks for linking up my Glory Be sign!

  2. This is so great! I have never seen those foam letter stamps before, where did you get them??

  3. I will have to download that song… I’m not sure I’ve heard it, but I love Maroon 5, so I bet we have similar tastes in music.

    LOVE the sign! I want to make a cool sign like that… Putting it on the stupid-long list!

  4. hahahaha love it and i totally didn’t know the difference!

  5. I think I may be able to do this—and it looks fabulous! We would love for you to share at our first Super Summer Saturday party here: http://www.thechirpingmoms.com/2013/06/super-summer-saturday-party.html!


  6. Funny fix up story! I love your sign… so pretty and I love the idea of using song lyrics too!!

  7. Love the Phillip Phillips song too. I made this sign back in March with the lyrics to the song as wel. Different part of the song though. :) http://www.alwaysinwonder.com/2013/03/fill-your-house-with-music-diy-lyric.html

  8. That’s a cute idea! Thanks so much for linking up to Make Bake Create. My Homemaking Party is going on now and I’d love to have you link up there too, if you’d like!


    Mrs. Sarah Coller


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