project & recipe rewind: Valentine’s Day

As each different season or holiday rolls around, I like to take a look back at the projects and recipes from the previous year. Sometimes I cringe … after all, I was still a fairly new blogger and working out the bugs.  And sometimes, I surprise myself and actually like what I did last year!  So, for this project and recipe rewind, let’s take a look at some of my most loved Valentine’s posts from last year!!

Project & Recipe Rewind: Valentine’s Day

This year, I have LOTS of great ideas for quick crafty lovey-dovey projects, ways to show the special people in your life that you love them and some pretty fantastic recipes!  I’ve love to have you along for the sweet ride!


  1. Love that double decker cookie! Thank you for sharing this…happy weekend!

  2. All ofyour projects are gorgeous but those cookies are too cute! My boys would love the two-in-one cookie treat!

  3. I love those cookies! :)

  4. I love all of these simple tutorials :o) I can’t wait to start the pink and red crafting!!

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