{create this} snow sprinkled pom pom flowers & easy gift wrapping

Christmas is just a week away and hopefully you’ve made a good dent in your holiday shopping and  you are ready to wrap all those awesome finds!  Today, I’ve got a pretty little way to add some sparkle and charm to holiday gifts!  And there is plenty of ways for even the littlest of hands to help, so bust out the yarn and glitter to {create this}:

snow sprinkled pom pom flowers

You probably have most of the materials on hand, so these low-maintenance blooms are perfect for a rainy (or snowy) day activity!  Here is what you’ll need:

- white yarn 
- a fork
- Sparkle Mod Podge (or your favorite liquid adhesive)
- disposable foam brush
- fine, iridescent glitter
- thin sticks (look, it’s crafting & yard work, ha ha!)
- hot glue gun  

Using the white yarn and a regular kitchen fork, use the tutorial I put together HERE to create fantastically fluffy pom poms!  Hot glue the white pom poms to thin sticks from your yard and your flowers have stems!  

Hold the stem and use a disposable foam brush to brush Sparkle Mod Podge (or liquid adhesive) over the tips of your pom pom flowers and sprinkle glitter over the flowers while the adhesive is wet.  Make sure to prop the flowers up to dry. 

Now that you’ve made these wonderful winter-y flowers, you can add them to a rustic floral arrangement or add handmade flair to your gifts!  One of my favorite ways to wrap gifts is to embellish plain kraft wrapping paper – you can pick up a roll at your local dollar store and get creative!

Attach a sparkly pom pom flower to a kraft wrapped gift with striped twine, thick satin ribbon or even jute and add a sprig of red winter berries and greenery.  Classic and just so pretty!!

Need a little more sparkle and holiday cheer?  Look no further!!

This project or recipe was shared at all the blogs on my Link page! Go take a peek … they rock!


  1. I love wrapping with kraft paper & then dressing it up with a festive touch :o) Love your pom poms!

  2. You can come wrap all of my presents, OK? I’ve just been using plain Walmart wrapping this year for everything. No bows or anything! Pathetic!

  3. What a gorgeous way to wrap a prezzie!! Everybody loves getting a little something-something along with their gift! Love these pretty pompoms!!

  4. You can’t go wrong with pom poms!!! Love these!

  5. CUTENESS! I love these – my daughter was just asking for a snowy garland – but a snowy flowery garland would that sparkles would be even better!

  6. Wow… it looks simple and nice, I’m impressed with your creativity.

  7. It seems to be a different idea and it looks so beautiful. I will make two of them for my kids.

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