2012 … the year in review at shaken together

I love these sort of posts! I love taking a look back over the past 365 days at the crafty projects, the recipes, the growth here, what tickles your fancy and what crazy stuff lands you here!!  I did a similar post last year – take a look at it HERE!  But for now, here is a run down of some milestones, some favorite posts and more from 2012!!


So, how about some fun blog stats and happenings?!  With excessive exclamation points!!
  • This makes the 265th post in 2012 – 100 more posts than last year!  Crazy!!
  • I added over 2400 Facebook friends and over 400 GFC followers?!  WHAT?!  Ya’ll are awesomesauce!!
  • Holy smokes … I am this close to 1 million page views!  I’m sorry but that seriously blows my mind!  Keep the clickin’ coming … I promise to deliver all sorts of awesome in 2013!
  • You guys left over 4000 comments this year … thanks for the support, the notes, the questions and the virtual high fives!
  • I got a big ol’ fancy blog redesign that I L-O-V-E from Meg at VintPrint Design!  She is amazing!!
  • We took the plunge and shared our family photos and “real” names … see it all and read the story of our names HERE!
What were your most clicked posts?!  Here are your favorites … click on the name to be whisked away to see what tickled your taste buds and caught your eye!
Where did you come from?  {Anyone else singing Cotton Eye Joe?}  Here are the top sites that sent you my way:

And my favorite … the kooky, crazy, wacky searches that dropped you here in my lap!!

  • bobcat skeleton
  • dinosaur watermelon
  • How do you catch a porcupine?
  • chocolate pudding, Cool Whip, thin mints, firefighter (all 4 are delightful!  just sayin’!)
  • color of bacon toothpaste
  • waffle
  • toast recipe blog

Fun aside, I cannot tell you enough how thankful I am for each and every comment, click, Pin and share … that you enjoy the recipes, craft projects and other random stuff that makes up shaken together  means SO much to me!!  I am so excited to take you all along for the ride in 2013 … so put your mittens on your kittens and away we go!!  (10 bonus points to the first commenter who knows which of my favorite movies that phrase is from!!)  

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  1. I have admired your blog over the last year and your creativity! Thank you for sharing with us! I mostly follow by email! Easier to keep up with missed posts !!

    Kele @ http://www.instantmommie.com

  2. You have had such a wonderful year, I can hardly wait to see what you will come up with in 2013! Happy New Years!
    Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy

  3. Hi! Love your year in review. Isn’t it funny some of the search words that get people to your site? New follower on Twitter & Pinterest! Happy New Year!

  4. What a great year in review Keri, here’s to another fabulous year – see you in 2013!

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