{create this} pom pom flowers and how to make pom poms with a fork!

With the cooler days of Autumn finally moving in and the gray winter days in the not so distant future, I wanted to make some fun, colorful flowers that would survive the less than sunny seasons.  Since I have absolutely NO green thumb, I figured pom pom flowers were the way to go!

So, get your craftiness ready and we’ll {create this} … pom pom flowers and learn to make them using a fork!!

I’ve seen several variations of how to actually make pom poms on Pinterest and after seeing these pom pom flowers at Simple Home Life, I decided to try out the fork method of pom pom making for my flowers.  You’ll need yarn and a fork.  I am obviously a yarn newbie and bought a super cool but seriously fluffy yarn from Lion Brand,  Homespun in Fiesta.  I loooooove the colors in the yarn and the end result texture, but just know it’s just.so.fluffy :)  

1.  Cut a piece of yard about six inches long and insert it in the middle of your fork tines.  You will tie the center of your pom pom with this, so make sure it stays free once you start to wrap the yarn.

2.  Wrap yarn around all four tines of the fork.  I wrapped about 15 times around.  The more times you wrap the yarn, the denser and fuller the pom pom will be.  If your yarn isn’t quite so fluffy, you may need to wrap a few more times around.  

3.  Slide the piece of yarn you cut in step one up and knot it around all of the yarn you wrapped.  It should be right in the middle.

4.  This next step was hard to take a picture of, so I’ll try to be really descriptive.  When you slide the yarn (that is now tied in the center) off the tines of your fork, you will have yarn loops on either side of the knot.  Gently slide sharp scissors into the loops and snip through the top of all of the loops.  Do this for each side.

5.  Now, gently fluff the yarn and use your scissors to trim and shape your pom pom into a relatively round shape.  

For the flowers, I hot glued pom poms to thin sticks from our yard, inserted them in a vintage glass bottle and tied a purple ribbon and a yarn scrap around the neck of the bottle.  I just love the mix of colors, their fluffy fuzziness and the fact that I can’t kill them ;)

These would be pretty cool for centerpieces for a vintage wedding (or even boutonnieres!), a prettily poofy addition to a shelf in a nursery or given to your true love.  Simple white pom pom flowers would be a sweet addition to holiday wrapping, as well!

Here are a few more creatively crafty flowers that I managed to keep alive …

This project or recipe was shared at all the blogs on my Link page! Go take a peek … they rock!


  1. They look great Keri! Poofy is good (as long it’s not hair we’re talkin’ about), those remind me of that Dr. Seuss story… what was that again – Horton something??

  2. Very cute! I love the idea of putting them on a gift! Hello, Christmas!!

  3. I love them! They’re saying Dr. Suess Trees to me, so I’m all over that!

  4. These are adorable! I’d love to make white ones for Christmas :)

  5. I love these! The best part is that you used natural twigs for them! I’m usually not big on home made flowers, but I just realized that it’s just cause I don’t ever like the sticks that they’re on! You’re a genius!

  6. These are so fun!!!

  7. Super cute! The possibilities are endless-thanks for the how-to!

  8. Forks aren’t just for eating!!

  9. Poofy and pretty! These are so cute, I am so in love with yarn right now, it’s right up there with chalkboards and burlap :)

    xoxo, Tanya

  10. they are so fun and fuzzy!

  11. Awesome!! Love these!

    Diana Rambles
    Bento Blog Network
    Link Rink

  12. Love these! What a great idea. :)

  13. Oh if you did these in orange they would look like Lorax Trees! Love it. Thanks for sharing at Miss Information

  14. I really appreciate your list of flowers that you manage to keep included the sweet gum ball flowers. I love the pom poms.

  15. They look really pretty!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  16. So poofy and pretty! I love the fork technique, thanks for sharing it.

  17. These are beautiful. I love the yarn you chose!

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