{create this} 80s party photo props

There are just days until my totally rad 80’s birthday party (I started an 80s party pinboard if you need inspiration or just a trip back in time, ha ha!) … and there are a few more easy breezy party items I made that I thought I’d show you before the big, picture laden, hurt-your-eyes-there’s-so-much-neon post :)

Enter my neon cardstock (I am really getting my money’s worth from a $4 pack of paper!) and these 80s party photo props

{create this} using:  neon cardstock, scissors, black sharpie, bamboo skewers, tape, washi tape

Sketch an outline or just go for it and cut out the shapes of your signs … I decided on pac man, a boom box, two speech bubbles, an oversized bow and some crazy neon sunglasses. 

Outline your shapes with the sharpie and add details as necessary.  Those bubble letters took me waaaaaaaay back when every notebook and folder I owned was covered in my favorite bands and BFFs’ names in bubble letters :)

Finally, I used two bamboo skewers to make the ‘handle’ for each sign.  I taped to the back of the sign/prop, then wrapped them together with a little polka dot washi tape for added stability.

I also shared a fun, folded 80s party fortune teller garland and I have a few more DIY party items up my sleeve.  Then, stay tuned for the big party reveal post next week!

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  1. Love these! Looking back on the 80s is so fun!

  2. Hi Keri, This gave me the first smile of the day! I love them and will be pinning asap! xo Malia

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I’m returning the follow (and have wasted sooo much time tonight reading your posts when I’m supposed to be doing other things – your blog is fab!)

    Really looking forward to seeing more 80s party stuff. I particularly like your fortune teller garland, I have so many happy memories of making those things in the school playground.

  4. Back to the 80s!

    Popped in from Stuff and Nonsense’s Fridays Unfolded.


  5. This a great photo booth idea. Thank you! Ellen

  6. Brings back memories! So cute.

  7. Looks like a lot of fun!!! I have feature this on this weeks Flaunt It Friday link party!! Thanks for linking up!



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