twenty eleven – a pressed down, shaken together recap

What a year 2011 has been!  I have had this blog for a few years, but posting was hit or miss and more often than not, just random family life musings … 13 posts in 2009 and only 36 in 2010.  Pretty sad, huh?

But in January, I decided in this post that I would “blog more”.  And BOY did I!  Finally, a New Year’s resolution that I actually kept!!  A few notable stats (in a list of course! with exclamation points!!):

  • Started the year with 7 followers – ending with almost 700!!
  • Over 160 posts in 2011 … that’s a 400% increase over 2010!   (Sure sounds more impressive that way, ha ha!)
  • I started fin de friday which turned into my {create this friday} posts with a craft and tutorial!
  • And started sharing recipes for {taste this tuesday}!  Which led to…
  • Co-hosting my first link party – the Month Long Cupcake Party and hosting my own {holiday sweet swap} with almost 300 recipes linked up!
  • This little ol’ blog has over 600 Facebook friends, too!!
  • I guest posted 4 times!  Thanks so much The Letter 4, Under the Table and Dreaming, This heArt of mine and Happily Mother After!
  • I even hosted giveaways!  ME!!  Giving stuff away just because of this blog!!
  • And in just 2011 alone, there were 2096 comments – you like me, you really like me!!
  • Ummm, and over 200,000 page views really knocked my socks off!  (Or would have if I wore them; I hate socks!)

So, what did you, my lovely and oh-so-fantastic readers, find the most clickable this year?  Glad you asked!  Another list!!

Who has sent the most traffic my way?  I love to track this and have found some fun new blogs just by browsing my stats.  Anyway, the fine fine folks at these fine fine places get a gold star!!

  • Pinterest – the feeling is mutual … mu-wah!!
  • Google – always a hoot!
  • Inlinkz – linky party central!
  • Facebook
  • The Graphics Fairy
  • Skip to my Lou
  • Tatertots & Jello
  • Funky Junk Interiors
  • Under the Table and Dreaming

Hopefully, you come for the crafts, food and witty commentary (ha!) but some folks have stumbled their way here by searching for some funny stuff this year:

  • Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell
  • horse skeleton
  • mad croissants
  • blurry toast
  • lick plum
  • paper mushrooms
  • how to trap a porcupine
  • cookies med fluff

The above stuff truly amazes me, makes me almost unbearably happy, makes me want to bring even better tasty and crafty stuff your way and sets the bar pretty high.  But you know what?  If 2012 is anything like 2011 was, we are in for a phenomenal year! 

So, with a penchant for cranky pastry and, apparently, a hoofed skeleton in my closet, let’s get this wild ride called 2012 started!!


  1. Congrats! What a fun recap :) I too made the decision to blog more this year but my stats aren’t as impressive. I may have to borrow this recap idea from you! Happy new year

  2. I love how you recapped your year in blogging!!! Very cute! And how awesome how your blog has grown!!! Can’t wait to see what happens in 2012!

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