{create this} easter chicks & bunnies from restaurant coasters

It’s Friday, I’m in love…

with this week’s Fin de Friday craft that is!  Welcome to the second installment in my new Fin de Friday series, Upcycling:  Free to Fab!  Last week, I used (free!) chipboard coasters to make a (fab!) personalized baby shower gift for my soon-to-arrive niece Jordyn.  You can check it out here

This week, we are ringing in Spring with these super cute coaster critters:

And without further ado, the HOW-TO…

Supplies:  5 round chipboard coasters (mine are 4″ diameter), acrylic paint (brown, cream and yellow), foam brush, paper, adhesive, Q-tip, 2 brads (I used blue), ink and ink dauber (or use another Q-tip!), ears/wing pattern (scroll all the way down to the bottom of this entry for the pattern!!)

First, paint two coasters cream, one coaster brown and two yellow.  You’ll probably need multiple coats depending on the color/pattern on your coasters.

Now, onto the critters…

The Bashful Bunny

He has a punched flower tail and hand cut brown/white gingham ears…couldn’t be simpler!

And here he is:

The Chubby Bunnies

These start with your painted cream coasters.  Add cream colored ears – I used a dauber to add a little touch of color on the inside:

Oval, dark brown eyes (use the end of a Q-tip with the cotton removed dipped in paint for the perfect pupil!), a cute little nose, a quick fold to one of the ears and these cutie pies join the party:

Cheeky Chicks

These start with your two yellow coasters.  Some of the finer, feathered details…Add paper wings.  Bonus!  These are the same shape as the ears, just cut apart.  Two blue brads work perfectly for the eyes.  Use a flower punch cut in 1/2 for feet:

Now, the beaks –  make them using a hand cut heart:

And these chicks are ready for their close up!

Now that you’ve made them…what to do with them?  Glad you asked :)  Here are a few ideas:

Hang them from your door knobs to add a little Spring in every room

To come home to this face every day?  So sweet!

Add them to a ribbon for the cutest banner EVER

just another picture…couldn’t stop myself ;)

Bunny pops!  Add your critters to bamboo skewers to add to an Easter basket, flower arrangement or potted plant or even fill a vase

This is where mine ended up – a mirror in our entryway :)

Make, hang and gracefully accept the compliments!!

Don’t forget!!  Email me at shakentogetherblog {at} gmail.com if you make something using one of my tutorials – I’d love to share your take on upcycling.  Want to be an upcycling partner in crime as a guest poster in this series?  P.S. You don’t have to use coasters :)  Send a description and pictures to the same email address above and let’s talk about it! 

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And here is your “pattern” for the bunny ears and wing – I apologize that it is a little cheesy, but hopefully helpful nonetheless :)  You should able to right click and save it (and maybe resize depending on the size of your coasters), cut them out and trace onto whatever paper you want to use. 


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  12. Cute ideas for kids. i love it, thanks for sharing.

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