{create this} 4 ideas to reuse Crystal Light containers

Now, I know that there is some debate about artificial sweeteners and such, but I want to come clean:  I am a Crystal Light drinker.  “My name is Keri and I have been drinking Crystal Light for 8 years now…”  Recently, it was buy one, get one free (score!!).  I immediately stocked up and started brainstorming how I could use these:

So, through a loose interpretation of “upcycling” – the practice of converting waste materials into products of greater value – today, I give you 4 ways that make it easy to be green!

First Aid Kit

Supplies:  printed pharmacy label and old French pharmacy label, letters/letter stickers/pen foam brush, Modge Podge, adhesive

Print French pharmacy label on cardstock (mine was about 5″ x 8″) and adhere to the container. 
I used a basic scrapbook adhesive since I was going to cover it with Mod Podge.

Brush on several coats of Mod Podge letting the coats dry in between applications.  The ink ran a tiny bit when I was Mod Podging.  I was fine with it – I think it gives it a little character.

I used the other pharmacy label for the lid (should’ve printed it a tad bit bigger) – secure with adhesive

I used these fun little letters, but you could handwrite “first aid” or use mini letter stickers, too.  Now, Mod Podge the label and letters.  P.S. If you know anyone in the medical field, request a pair of these tweezer things (I’m sure there is a proper name, ha!) – they are AWESOME for crafting!

Now fill:  I added hand sanitizer, fever/pain reducer for kids and adults, antibiotic ointment, anti-itch cream, bandaids and a moist towelette.

See?!  It all fits!  Since I also teach CPR, throw in a breathing barrier and a set of gloves and you are ready!

Valentine Goody Holder

Supplies:  scrapbook paper/card stock (I used a vintage Valentine paper from Paper Studio), foam brush, Mod Podge, embroidery floss, red cardstock, black pen, metal tag, adhesive

Crop your paper and adhere to the container and the lid. Add several coats of Mod Podge as described above.

I hand cut a heart similar to one of the hearts on the paper and adhered it to the tag. 

Then, I tied it onto the goody holder with simple embroidery floss.  These would make quick and easy teacher or coworker gifts!

Travelin’ Toothbrush Holder

Supplies:  printed Japanese toothbrushes (love these!  So cool to frame in a bathroom!), black letter stickers, adhesive

I adhered the toothbrush graphic to the container and added the contents with black letter stickers – easy breezy!  I haven’t Mod Podged/sealed this one yet – I am going to see if I can find another option that doesn’t smear the ink..

This one is perfect for a trip to Grandma’s, camp or a sleepover.  Since it is plastic and the lid fits tightly, a damp toothbrush is no big deal. 

‘Knot ‘ Your Average Gift Container

Supplies:  9 or 10 12″ pieces of ribbon, ric rac, trim, etc. in various widths, textures and tones, buttons, craft glue

Tie the ribbons around the container and knot.

I added coordinating buttons on the lid and glued them in.  See – there are my funky tweezers again!  Love them!

The finished product!  This would be great to put movie tickets or a gift card in or create your own manicure kit with a cute emory file, nail polish, cuticle cream, etc.  Also an easy craft to make at a party – instant favors!

Bonus Ideas!!
Or maybe I ran out of containers, ha!

1.  Roadtrip Busy Kit:  Cover the outside with a map, post cards, travel related brochures, etc.   Inside, stash some travel bingo cards, colored pencils, make your own Mad Lib, a list of major checkpoints along the way and a treat/snack.  You will have one happy traveler!

2.  Backback Buddy:  Cover with scrapbook paper, a child’s drawing, lined notebook paper or snag a worksheet or extra copy from the classroom.  This is the perfect carrier for pencils, pens and markers.  Or an afternoon snack of pretzels or trail mix.  Or if you’re the Little Bug, it also makes an awesome keeper of treasures!

3.  Party Favors:  Cover with coordinating wrapping paper or even an extra party napkin (think Star Wars, Barbie, Dora, etc.), Mod Podge, add stickers or personalize with letter stickers.  Fill with a signed thank you card, bouncy balls, bubbles, candy, stickers…any fun party stuff!

Okay, I am thoroughly exhausted and crafted out!  I would love to hear what you think and let me know if you embark on your own upcycling adventure!  Happy Friday!

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  1. Mama_Zetter says:

    Great Ideas!

  2. What a great idea. I love the first aid kit!

  3. I love upcycling! great job- I would love it if you joined our link party over here: http://www.bubblynaturecreations.com/2011/02/project-party-weekend-heart-shaped-ice.html

    Have a great weekend!

  4. what a great idea i dont drink crystal light but ill have to try it, love the ideas you shared

  5. Hi! I’m your 12th follower and if you will, please follow back for more mutual blog visits :) You’ve got a lot of creative things done and I adore your Valentine Goody Holder. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great idea. I especially love the first aid kit!
    Thanks for the ideas!

  7. Popped over your way from the Someday Crafts link party :)
    The first aid kit is especially cute! Great ideas for upcycling!

  8. How cute. Have a great week.

  9. I absolutely love the idea of using this as a toothbrush holder! My little one is in need of a travel cover for her toothbrush, and something like this would be perfect. Thanks for the idea!

  10. Great ideas! Love the size and shape of those containers.

  11. I’m your “Lucky 13″ follower. I love this idea of the containers. I have often looked at those very containers and thought I could some how be using them. Thanks. Come on by my blog and follow me too.

  12. These are so cute. I’m your newest follower. I’m having my first link party tomorrow (Monday). It would be great if you could stop by and post your project. http://diyhshp.blogspot.com

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  14. That’s awesome! I love how you re-purposed each of those! I need to start drinking Crystal Light! Ha!

  15. I mean not only are the containers adorable…but these are some great ideas!!! :)

  16. Great projects for reusing the crystal light containers! I especially like the toothbrush and paste holder idea. Thanks for sharing at the sunday linky party :) http://petitehermine.blogspot.com/2011/02/sunday-linky-party-4-goodies.html

  17. So clever!!! The toothbrush holder is so practical! (And first aid kit too – love the retro label!)


  18. What a great upcycle! I need something for a traveling toothbrush holder. I would love for you to link up to my Ten Buck Tuesday link parties!

  19. These are really cute. The one with the buttons could become an emergency sewing kit. I love the first aid kit. P.S. I like Crystal Light, too.


  20. Love them!

  21. I love all of your ideas about the Crystal Light containers. The only idea I had to use for them was to punch holes in the top and put baking soda in them for cleaning up around the house.

  22. I stick a magnet on the back of a container thats been covered with scrapbook paper and use it for a pencil and pen holder on the fridge, since pencils and pens always disappear when I need them to write a grocery list.

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